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Beautiful Brains Cross Stitch Pattern Digital Download PDF

Beautiful Brains Cross Stitch Pattern Digital Download PDF

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Beautiful Brains Beautiful Brains is a pattern inspired by my own journey discovering my neurodivergence. I, like so many, have spent a lifetime feeling like the odd one out, hiding my quirks, hiding my struggles and making myself small. Finding out I’m #actuallyautistic has been life changing. The more I learn about myself, allow myself to become authentically me and learn how to make my life work for me, the more I realise I am in fact not broken, I don’t feel as lost and my brain isn’t broken. Embracing difference is wonderful and all brains really are beautiful.

I have stitched Beautiful Brains on 40 count white linen with 1 strand over 2. This design can be stitched on any fabric but the size of the design will change so please use the stitch count to calculate your fabric & I always recommend adding a 2“ margin for finishing. Beautiful Brains is 110 stitches tall x 115 stitches wide I designed Beautiful Brains using DMC colours so everyone can stitch but I actually stitched it in Weeks dye works as I like the depth & have a large stash. You can change any colours to suit you, I love seeing people add personal touches!

You are buying a Digital Download, you will not receive a physical pattern. Your file will be available once payment is made. Please do not copy / redistribute my pattern.

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Love, Wolfy Stitches

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